Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pump up the Volume

Never thought I would start a the tune of "Never thought you would be a junkie because heroin is so passe". Seriously, am I starting a blog? It just seems that everyone, and I mean everyone, thinks they have something either terribly important or funny to say. I loathe those naval gazing blogs trying so hard for wit that it make me want to stick a fork in my eye; and yet here I sit, thinking how my thoughts are so a) relevant and b) humorous. How can I not share them? My intentions are more than simply narrating the minutia of my world. (more on my riveting and altruistic intentions later).

Still though, it is starting to seem a pretty uninspired venue for relevance and/or wit. Starting a blog now reminds me of the end scene of "Pump up the Volume." Christian Slater has been out changing hearts and minds with his renegade radio show. And the man tried to shut him down, but lo and behold the close of the movie shows everyone with a thought in their head hopping on the bandwidth bandwagon. I am pretty sure it is supposed to be inspiring but it always bums me out a bit that the most creative and inspired things these people can think of is just to copy Mr. Slater. But creative I have never been, so I jump on the decade old bandwagon and commence MY BLOG!

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