Monday, July 19, 2010

landlocked geniuses-yay for comments and contests!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my contest. I had lots of fun with this and learned so much. It is my most sincere desire to keep the dialogue going. As one of my friends said, it can be a "sea of idiocy out there" but clearly the opposite is going down here (see clever title).

I am going to be experimenting with some ways to track comments and do give aways from time to time. Not so much as a bribe (although I am not above bribes, hint hint) but because this was fun and a nice way to give back to my readers and commenters who truly give so much to me; I hope that everyone takes away as much as I do.

<<<me giving you a present...or you greasing the Franzia wheels? 

And while you are all winners in my book; we do have an official winner and it is.....KAY!!! Thank you all again and please keep it coming. There could be an oyster shucker or Mombie coffee cup in your future.


  1. oh, Wow. I would like to thank my agent, my barista, spellcheck, my children for leaving me somewhat uninterrupted for a few minutes so that I COULD comment on your blog, but most of all the blogger extraordinaire herself! Thanks for putting bits and pieces o' yourself out there for us to read, think about, write about. You are an awesome person and one of the best friends a girl could have. (I know, I know, I ALREADY got the wine, no need to suck up...but it is ALL TRUE!)

  2. Don't forget to thank for it randomi randomness. And before you thank me consider that I am giving you a slightly nicer bottle of wine that I bought to bring over to your potluck that on I bailed on (on account of teething). That's me, the cheap, recycling blogger-giving away things I should have given people anyway. And also the blogger that killed the box of Franzia in the interim of this contest.

    Somehow public confessions alleviate my shame.It's why Hester Prynne was ultimately a happier person than the self-flagellating Rev.

  3. PS-You're welcome and THANK YOU. I adore you. Remember the time I asked you to be my friend and you didn't get weirded out, you just started being my friend? That was awesome.


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