Sunday, May 30, 2010

the word of the day is...magic (AHHH!!!)

I believe in something. There are many terms; serendipity, synchronicity, coincidence, God....I always think of it like a giant, colossal, episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse. Well, there is no Chair-e and I have no disembodied blue head anywhere in my house. But remember the part of each episode where he would state the "word of the day" and then anytime anyone said it, SCREAM!? (I know you are feeling nostalgic right now-if you need to break and hear the theme song, go ahead-I'll wait). Before you know it everyone in Pee Wee's life was using the word. This was great because it gives everyone the opportunity to scream as well as the opportunity to see something very real in action; magic.

I get a word, lesson, or theme and then listen as the universe starts screaming it back. Sometimes I have to be beat over the head a bit but it NEVER fails. In fact, the process is so reliable that I seldom publish a post  straight away. I write what is on my heart and let it gestate for weeks, sometimes even months. In the interim, I watch in utter amazement as the cosmic Pee Wee puts me in touch with books, people, ideas, stories on NPR, encounters, life experiences, you name it. I get what I need not only to finalize my post but to understand my "word of the day" on a whole new level.

This has been very useful and incredibly powerful for me as a parent. Time and again I am blown away at how whatever we are struggling with is repeated and reflected back until some kind of answer, or at least some kind of peace, is revealed. These instances always make me feel utterly surrounded by loving kindness. It is as though the world is one big, benevolent, invaluable resource ready to deliver-- if I can only remember to ask.

Lately, much has been made about the laws of attraction and manifesting. You can take the girl out of western Kansas but you can never quite get all the western Kansas out of the girl. It seems a bit hokey to me. I see some flaws and some potentially terrifying pitfalls (can I manifest my worst fears?...crap, now I am really fearful). I was recently bouncing thoughts on "manifestation validity" off an acquaintance of mine. She had some great ideas, mostly about creating momentum through our actions and connections.With more thought, this concept started to firm up and seem real. Maybe it isn't magic, maybe it is just the way the world opens up to you when you are open-- connected, giving, and receiving.

On second thought, maybe that is magic, after all.

Please take a minute to tell us your favorite "coincidence." What have you learned through these experiences? Is your belief about these lessons connected to your spiritual beliefs?

PS-I would be remiss if I didn't link you to my friend's inspiring post. It was my by far my favorite and most powerful "coincidence" of the week. My post had been "gestating" a while, and then wha-la, this amazing bit of inspiration. I love it when something outside my personal faith reminds me of our interconnection AND totally feeds my soul! Enjoy!


  1. This is great Lesa!

    As you might guess, I chalk very little up to "coincidence." I referenced PeeWee Herman and the "secret word" just last week to a friend who had written about "Jesus' Big Adventure." You and I are definitely experiencing a connection of some sort here, sister!

    And I am deeply appreciative and touched that you are unfettered by whether we have the same insight specifically to our connection Source. In the spirit of true sisterhood, it feels wonderful to be accepted where we are, for who we are and what we believe and appreciated for the beauty and sameness we share.

    I'm not sure what the secret word is today, but I, for one, am ready to SCREAM! (For ice cream?)

    :) anj

  2. Man BOTH of ya'lls blogs were like water to my soul. I love me a good "coincidence." For me, they are like little nudges from God saying "Hey, I got your back, girlfriend." Okay so I've never thought He called me "girlfriend" but God is so awesome that I bet He totally would. But I digress. SERIOUSLY, I view these little moments as a reminder that "His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me." Here is the God of an entire Universe who happens to be very busy and has millions of children to care for, but He actually cares enough about little ol' me to line up these happy moments of magic. Its dumbfounds me, actually.

    Best and most significant coincidence? Well, its going to make me sound like a TOTAL internet dating weirdo, but I ams what I ams. I originally signed up for eHarmony for a 3 month enrollment. They screwed up and weren't sending me new matches for a while and I contacted them about the problem so they gave me an extra month free as a peace offering. Wouldn't you know that I got matched with the man who is now my husband in that fourth FREE month of my subscription that I never would have had if eHarmony had not screwed up. And I never would have renewed my subscription beyond the 3 months otherwise.


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